About The Author

Revan Teresa Jackson, known affectionately as “the baby whisperer” and youngest of four, realized at a very young age that babies are the one thing she could always count on to inspire joy in her soul. After years of unsuccessfully begging her parents for a baby brother or sister, at the ripe age of 11, she tested her entrepreneurial skills and started a babysitting company in her neighborhood with the support of her mother. This eventually lead to her career of working with children over 23 years. Having worked with children from households of all socio-economic positions, she noticed that one thing remained the same: happiness is not dependent on more toys or lack thereof, but on children feeling supported, loved and encouraged to follow their dreams.


Revan hopes that this book will inspire parents and caregivers to feed the fire that lights their children up inside and to encourage them to pursue their dreams relentlessly and fearlessly. She also hopes it will remind their little minds how powerful they are and that the adults in their lives will always be there for them along the way. She envisions “Dream Big, Little Bug” as a movement that will change the world. Revan studied psychology, prenatal massage therapy, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Morgan State University. She is a former nanny, world traveler, and currently resides in her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.